5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fire Your Outsourced IT Partner

If you’re a growing company where building an in-house IT staff makes financial and strategic sense, then replacing your outsourced IT team at the right time is a logical transition.   On the other hand, if you’re a growing company where having no internal or outsourced IT staff is your goal, then I hope you will read on.   1) Do you have a plan?   For each growth initiative what is the technology infrastructure […]

Why has our membership growth stalled?

How many of us have enthusiastically joined an organization and quickly discovered that tradition isn’t all it should be? This post by Seth Godin says it all. As you look at your member organization, take a moment to walk through the door as a new member.  Has “we’ve always done it this way” become an obstacle to inclusion and growth? Closing the gate Sooner or later, tribes begin to exclude interested but unaffiliated newcomers. It […]

9 Essential Strengths of the Highly Effective Community Manager

Let’s begin with fact #1: An online community is successful only when the members in it are actively engaged.  That sounds obvious and simple.  While most of us will agree that “obvious” is true, we should also agree that “simple” is anything but true.  Creating an engaged online community is a process that takes time and commitment. With the right plan and people, it will happen.   Every organization has a different objective and expectation […]

Four Words That Matter

Leading a membership organization brings a unique set of challenges.  In the typical business structure someone leads and someone follows.  It’s expected, understood and necessary to preserve the common focus and maintain everyone’s sanity. Membership organizations have an overarching focus too.  It’s the leadership difference that is subtle and significant.  The org chart  positions leaders at the top with the members resting at the bottom, but it’s a symbolic relationship. In a membership organization members are leading peers for […]

Why Did You Join?

  Four years ago i was the president-elect of the Rotary Club of Orlando. That’s when my fascination with the dynamics of membership organizations really began. Like most of us I had joined organizations over the years with varying degrees of engagement. As I really looked at the club I was going to lead, I wondered about the common thread that created the fabric of our club.  This was a prestigious group of  past and present community leaders. […]